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Kicking off 2017 in the Cloud

By Casey Rebman on

Posted under: Oracle SCM Cloud

RF-SMART for SCM Cloud is off to a successful start to 2017. Our extensive knowledge and strategic partnership with Oracle’s Product Team, along with a solid mobile inventory product, continue to contribute to happy SCM Cloud customers.


St. Luke’s Hospital

St. Luke's Hospital began the search for a mobile solution to meet their additional needs while implementing SCM Cloud. Requiring PAR inventory management, RF-SMART was the only solution to fit the bill.

If you haven’t heard about our solution for Healthcare, we launched a robust PAR Location Management and Mobile PAR Counting solution built specifically for SCM Cloud. You can achieve greater accuracy and visibility across distribution centers and stock rooms.


FairfieldNodal specializes in seismic technology. As they began looking at SCM Cloud, RF-SMART was the recommended mobile solution of choice.

FairfieldNodal selected RF-SMART specifically because of the purpose built SCM Cloud workflows. It’s hard to tell where Oracle ends and RF-SMART begins. This is because RF-SMART uses Oracle login credentials, leverages an Oracle database, and executes transactions using Oracle-provided Web Services.

If you are looking at moving to the Cloud and want to learn more, RF-SMART will be at Oracle’s Modern Supply Chain Experience. Join us in San Jose, February 13-15th at Booth #908 in the End to End Supply Chain Showcase.

And if you’re in the healthcare industry, join us Tuesday, February 14th at 4:55pm in Theater 1. We’re sharing The Secret to PAR Management with Oracle SCM Cloud - highlighting the specific ways RF-SMART can meet your unique inventory needs.

Speak with one of our team members to learn more!