Labor Management Reporting

Want to know “What are my people doing?”

RF-SMART's Labor Management Reporting (LMR) provides seven purpose-built reports that give warehouse managers the ability to look at productivity, efficiency and ROI across the supply chain - and make better decisions based on that insight.

LMR uses transaction data from RF-SMART workflows and displays these reports in two different ways. The easy-to-use web-based interface allows users to get a quick, clean overview of the state of operations and works well on a tablet. For a deeper dive, power users can export the information into a customizable Excel spreadsheet to thoroughly analyze the RF-SMART data.

What Makes up Labor Management Reporting?

LMR provides seven purpose-built reports that allow you to confidently answer these questions:

  • Transaction Count - How many transactions did each worker do?
  • Quantity - How much quantity did each worker transact? 
  • Work Load Distribution - How evenly is the work distributed among workers?
  • Transaction Cost Comparison - What transactions do I spend the most/least amount of money on?
  • Worker Productivity - Who are my most efficient workers?
  • Cost-Based Worker Productivity - Is my worker’s hourly rate justified (cost-weighted productivity)?
  • Total Productive Time - How much productive time does each worker have?

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