Manufacturing Data Collection

Leveraging barcodes and AX-specific workflows, RF-SMART dramatically improves accuracy, productivity and visibility for manufacturers around the world.

Can you Relate to These Industry Needs?

Are you spending money entering labor hours for your shop floor employees? 

With RF-SMART, these costs are dramatically reduced! RF-SMART leverages the technology of Automated Data Collection (ADC) to track everything in your warehouse, from inventory to employees. With RF-SMART, you can clock labor hours – down to the second – and eliminate the time and money spent entering this daily. Reduce Labor Costs with RF-SMART! 

Are you using routers within your operation to track where your product needs to go next? 

RF-SMART streamlines this process and increases productivity! By electronically collecting, validating and entering data into your ERP system—and by directing employees where and how to perform their tasks—RF-SMART enables companies to accurately accomplish significantly more with fewer resources. Improve Accuracy & Save Time with RF-SMART! 

Did you relate to either of these needs? If so, speak to our team to learn how we can provide flexible, proven and purpose-built manufacturing functionality including:

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"RF-SMART helped us overcome our growth challenges by maintaining accuracy and speed within our manufacturing processes. The end result is that our CUSTOMERS are very pleased."
Ohio Gratings, Inc.