Warehouse Automation Module

Integrate Automated Solutions Directly in Microsoft Dynamics AX with our Warehouse Automation Module.

Are you looking to invest in warehouse automation to increase efficiency and decrease labor costs? Integrating automation efforts with Microsoft Dynamics AX Inventory, Production, and Warehouse Management modules can be a challenge to implement and maintain. The good news? You don’t need to build separate, custom integrations for all of your 3rd party automation solutions.

Our Warehouse Automation Module leverages RF-SMART’s proven integration into AX, so your conveyance systems, pick towers and other automation solutions are able to communicate in real-time and directly update AX with material movement and inventory changes.

Benefits of Using Our Warehouse Automation Module include:

  • Improved material handling processes
  • Streamlined shipping operations
  • RFID integration to AX
  • Lower supply chain operating costs
  • A more efficient warehouse

When would you use our Warehouse Automation Module?

  • Integrating conveyor system, pick towers etc. to AX
  • Incorporating fixed mount, or "stationary," barcode readers that update AX in real-time
  • Small-to-large RFID integrations within your operations

No Programming Experience Necessary

You can easily customize workflows and set default parameters of AX Transactions for your 3rd party solutions. 

Our Warehouse Automation Module is also flexible with options to meet your automation requirements, including Database, XML and Web Services. With greater visibility of inventory and improved capabilities to track and measure efficiencies, RF-SMART provides your warehouse managers the tools they need to run your operations at peak efficiency.

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