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RF-SMART Packing & Shipping

Maximize order accuracy and customer satisfaction by scanning items as you pack them into boxes and the option to ship them with one click.

Can You Relate to these Industry Needs?

Are incorrect items or quantities being shipped to customers?
Does it take too long to update NetSuite with packing and shipping information?
Is there a lack of accountability for “who packed and shipped what?”
Are chargebacks for “supposedly missing” items hurting your bottom line?

These problems are easily solved with RF-SMART's Packing Station. Built in NetSuite, our packing solution provides your order fulfillment personnel with the right tools and user interface to maximize order and shipping accuracy - all in one screen. Using an intuitive interface and barcode scanning support, RF-SMART's Packing Station:

  • Validates that the correct items and quantities are being scanned into boxes
  • Shows which items were packed into each box
  • Reports on order packer/shipper activity
  • Works seamlessly with all RF-SMART solutions
  • Can print packing slips for all items packed for item fulfillment
  • Can support NetSuite Scale Integration
  • Can assign box types to a specific carrier
  • Reduces number of steps for packing and shipping a transaction to one screen

Need to Pack and Ship? 

Our PackingPlus bundle includes all of the packing functionality listed below, plus the ability to:

  • Ship UPS, FedEx and USPS using native NetSuite shipping 
  • Rate shop for FedEx and UPS after boxes are packed
  • Generate an EDI transaction and print EDI labels

And with our Advanced Shipping, you have the additional ability to:

  • Rate shop up to 7 carriers on one screen - Fedex, UPS, USPS, LTL and regional carriers
  • Generate EDI and ASNs 
  • Support multi-piece shipping

Get the best value with every shipment, while simplifying and streamlining your shipping process. 

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