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White Papers

Below are several educational white papers you can download about data collection systems, mobile workforce solutions and related technologies.

The ROI on Barcoding with NetSuite

The fact that barcoding provides ROI benefit is clearly established. The challenge for most companies though is determining how to calculate those returns.

How Shipping Software Will Boost Your Business

Adopting the right shipping strategy can give companies a competitive advantage, while providing an outstanding customer experience. And if handled the right way, a company’s shipping function can be transformed from a cost center into a profit center.

Why Omni-channel Fulfillment is Crucial for E-Commerce

The growth in global e-commerce is top-of-mind for all retailers today. Omni-channel fulfillment provides a seamless consumer experience, but transitioning to omni-channel brings additional advantages and new challenges to meet the demands of a rapidly changing environment.

When Should Barcoding be Introduced with Implementing a new ERP?

The implementation of a new ERP system is a significant undertaking for companies. Full deployments across a company with multiple sites can take years. As a result, implementations are, many times, phased. The right time to implement barcoding is also an area examined when implementing an ERP system. 

Can You Meet Consumer Expectations at Any Cost?

Consumer power is at an all-time high and demands around brand engagement are even higher, forcing retailers to meet consumer expectations at any cost—but can you? Get advice from Forrester and Retail Systems Research experts on how to meet consumer expectations across any retail channel. Read more in this NetSuite whitepaper.

The Cost of Delay

The Cost of Delay: The Impact of Delays in Decision-Making About Technology for Wholesale Distributors.  Mid-sized businesses have to balance many priorities competing for their attention … and their working capital.  Read more in this NetSuite whitepaper

Lean Thinking Spreads Beyond the Shop Floor

An examination of lean efforts in some of these areas: international distribution, product development, and domestic shipping.

The 2D Revolution

How evolving business needs and improved technology are driving explosive growth in two‐dimensional bar coding.

Top 3 Questions for Mobile Computer Purchases

What to Consider Before Choosing Devices for your Field Workplace.