White Papers

Below are several educational white papers you can download about data collection systems, mobile workforce solutions and related technologies.

The ROI on RF Data Collection

The fact that ADC provides ROI benefit is clearly established. The challenge for most companies interested in determining the ROI on ADC is identifying where their returns occur and how to calculate those returns.

Why Supply Chain Leaders are Moving to the Cloud

Good supply chain management is essential to your operational efficiency, compliance and overall success. There are many factors that are testing the limits of the traditional supply chain model, and organizations need levels of flexibility, integration, and visibility that are beyond what those systems were designed to deliver. What are the key characteristics of solutions that support a modern supply chain model? Read more in this Oracle whitepaper.

Synchronizing the Distribution Supply Chain with Mobility

Take a look at the process improvements mobility can enable within typical distribution supply chain operations and how the benefits can ripple into other areas of your business.

Lean Thinking Spreads Beyond the Shop Floor

An examination of lean efforts in some of these areas: international distribution, product development, and domestic shipping.