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RF-SMART Customer Referral Program

By Holli Anderson on

Know someone running NetSuite who could benefit from RF-SMART? Introduce us! We'll send you $150 for any colleague who purchases RF-SMART. 

Our mission at RF-SMART is to transform our Customers and change lives, and we're pretty passionate about it. Our goal is to continue helping companies around the world grow their business through effecient processes and accurate inventory. 

If you've experienced this as a Customer (we hope you have!), help spread the love with your colleagues.

How it Works

The process is pretty simple:

1.   Know a company who you think would like to know more about RF-SMART? Introduce us!

2.   Our team will follow up and see if we can help their business needs

3.   If they purchase RF-SMART, we'll send you $150, and give them a special Referral Discount 

Know someone we should meet?