Warehouse and Logistics Data Collection

Leveraging barcodes and JD Edwards-specific workflows, RF-SMART dramatically improves accuracy, productivity and visibility for distributors around the world.

Can you Relate to These Industry Needs?

Are you using a manual process throughout your warehouse – from receiving to shipping inventory?

Using barcodes, RF-SMART turbocharges warehouse productivity by automating manual processes with Automated Data Collection. By electronically collecting, validating and entering data into JD Edwards—and by directing employees where and how to perform their tasks— RF-SMART enables companies to accurately accomplish significantly more with fewer resources. Improve Accuracy and Save Time with RF-SMART!

Does your warehouse struggle with mis-shipments? Are you spending money to fix these errors & wish there was a way to pinpoint the issue?

With RF-SMART, you ensure accurate operations simply by automating the process from the start. Studies show the top place errors are made is from the receiving dock to the product’s location. Beat this statistic with real-time validation into JD Edwards using RF-SMART. Every step – from receiving, to picking to shipping – is captured and confirmed as soon as it happens. Increase ROI & Customer Satisfaction - At the Same Time!

Did you relate to either of these needs? If so, speak to our team to learn how we can provide flexible, proven and purpose-built warehouse and logistics functionality including:

  • Receiving, Inspection & Putaway
  • Inventory Transfer
  • Cycle Counting
  • Quality Management
  • Machine Integration
"RF-SMART has given Able Sales a competitive advantage in the market and has fueled customer satisfaction and thus, growth."
Able Sales