Mobile Hardware for Oracle SCM Cloud

From certified hardware devices and printers to WiFi installation services, our dedicated hardware professionals make it easy to choose the right mobile hardware for Oracle SCM Cloud.

As a top-tier partner with leading manufacturers, RF-SMART offers top-shelf brands of mobile hardware that are tested and validated with our product. 

Let our dedicated hardware experts help you navigate through the device options and choose the device(s) that will best meet your needs taking into account ergonomics, the environment (i.e. freezing, hot, wet), the scanning distance, the symbology of barcodes to be scanned and the level of usage of the device. 

Want to try out the newest technology and fastest processors for your warehouse? Speak to our team to request a hardware demo device today!


While other devices may work with RF-SMART, the Certified Hardware Devices below will provide the best user experience and are supported by RF-SMART:

We also have certified health-grade devices specific for the healthcare industry.