Mobile Cloud Inventory Management

Companies using Oracle Inventory Cloud can take advantage of powerful mobile inventory management software across their warehouse operations.

Can You Relate to These Industry Needs?

  • Do you need to fulfill orders more quickly and accurately?
  • Do you struggle with inventory accuracy?
  • Do you need real-time visibility into your warehouse operations?
  • Do you know what your workers are doing? 

These problems are easily solved with RF-SMART, which fully enables barcoding in the Cloud to increase visibility into product location, movement and related employee activities. The ability to maintain “one version of the truth” for inventory data in Oracle SCM Cloud allows managers to quickly identify if there are any discrepancies with their customer satisfaction.

Cloud Inventory Management

Learn about our Oracle Cloud specific inventory functionality:

  • Receiving (Purchase Orders, Transfer Orders, ASNs etc.)
  • Picking (Sales Orders, Transfer Orders, Movement Requests, Wave etc.)
  • Put Away
  • Inventory Inquiry
  • Inspection Receipt
  • Ship Confirm

Advanced Features:

  • Suggested Putaway
  • Create Transfer Orders (IMTs)
  • Display Alternate Item Locators for Picking
  • Split Pick Line (Partial Pick Support)


Additional Solutions

"With RF-SMART, we know where our stuff is, when and how – all of the time. We tell any company that needs a barcoding solution to select RF-SMART."