PAR Location Management

RF-SMART’s easy-to-use mobile functionality, combined with the Oracle Inventory Management Cloud functionality, gives you a process that ensures your inventory levels are maintained at ideal (or PAR) quantities.

Facilities, such as hospitals and other healthcare providers, need to efficiently manage and replenish inventory. Nurses and other clinical staff grab and utilize supplies as necessary without scanning them in or out​. You can have hundreds of items per location and hundreds of locations per facility.

Designed and developed in collaboration with Oracle Product Strategy, RF-SMART's pre-integrated solutions increase visibility into PAR operations and related employee activities. Our PAR Management allows you to define locations and groups of locations, what items are stored, the proper quantities, charge accounts, and replenishment methods that will be used. You are able to see who did what and when they did it, and your entire organization can perform real-time inquiries to see what’s on-hand.

RF-SMART PAR Management

Learn how we can provide flexible, proven and purpose-built functionality for healthcare providers including:

PAR Management

  • Template Creation
  • Location Definition
  • Location Management
  • Trigger Req’s in Oracle
  • Trigger IMTs in Oracle
  • Mass Item Updates



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