PAR + Materials Management for Healthcare

Healthcare providers have unique inventory requirements. RF-SMART provides mobile PAR inventory functionality specific to Oracle SCM Cloud that improves efficiency and accuracy - from storerooms, closets, carts and other PAR locations to warehouses or distribution facilities.

RF-SMART Healthcare Solution

Our strategic solution works with Healthcare SCM to provide the necessary tools for:

Can You Relate to These Industry Needs?

  • Are your PAR Location Management capabilities flexible and robust enough to meet your needs?
  • Do you need real-time visibility into your materials management operations?
  • Do you struggle with inventory accuracy in stockrooms?
  • Can you reduce costs and improve efficiencies across materials management? 

"We have PAR locations in every nursing unit, and we needed a way to manage that. Our orders have to get out every day or we compromise patient care, and that's not an option for us. - Loma Linda.​

What is Mobile PAR Management?

PAR locations are locations (like a storeroom, closet or cart) where medical facilities store high volume, often low-cost supplies (like masks, sterile supplies).  Hospitals can have hundreds of PAR locations, and each PAR location could have hundreds of items in it. Nurses and other clinical staff members grab and use these supplies as necessary. There must be an efficient process in place to make sure there is enough on-hand inventory. 

RF-SMART ensures that inventory levels are maintained at ideal PAR quantities with a relatively low investment of time and effort:  

1. Define locations and groups of locations – what items, quantities, charge accounts, and replenishment methods will be used

2. Workers count locations on a periodic basis to make sure inventory stays at desired (PAR) levels

3. The count triggers the proper type of replenishment in Oracle – either creating a Purchase Req (for vendor-supplied items) or an IMT (for Storeroom-replenished items)

RF-SMART provides validated integration to Oracle Cloud applications. Designed and developed in collaboration with Oracle Product Strategy, RF-SMART's pre-integrated solutions increase visibility into materials operations and related employee activities.  Want to learn more?



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“There is no reason why any healthcare company using Oracle SCM Cloud shouldn’t use RF-SMART.”